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Just Cool fitness fabrics designed to redefine your potential (Part 1)

Neoteric Fabric Range
Designed with performance, training, and garment customisation in mind, each Just Cool product has been carefully crafted using fabrics that not only make you feel good, but that can help you maximise any sport or workout.

In this part one of a three-part series, we introduce the Neoteric fabric range and explain how each will boost you to full potential and smash your fitness goals.

Neoteric Performance
Boost your performance and keep cool in the Just Cool original lightweight textured polyester fabric. With inherent wickability, quick drying and stretch properties, the Neoteric performance fabric allows you to raise your game. 

The JC001 (unisex), JC005 (female), and JC001J (kids), are all made from a lightweight, 100% polyester fabric which doesn’t weigh you down during exercise or restrict your movement. There are also a variety of vests, polo shirts and shorts across the Just Cool range that are available in the durable Neoteric fabric.

Neoteric Smooth

Athletic performance is guaranteed with our modern, smooth faced, lightweight polyester fabric. With inherent wickability and quick drying properties keeping you cool, fresh and motivated. Fitness enthusiasts rejoice in the breathability of this fabric, and the smooth face makes printing and embroidery a breeze. 

The popular JC020 Cool Smooth T, along with vests, polos, shorts, and track pants, are all finished in Just Cool’s Neoteric Smooth.

Overall, 100% polyester fabric sportswear offers a range of benefits, from its moisture-wicking properties to its durability and UV protection. 

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Print Guide

Check out Just Cool's detailed print guide for each enhancing fabric