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Smart or Casual? Why Choose When You Can Have Both with Denim!

From Workwear to Runway: Unraveling the Iconic Journey of Denim Fabric

Once the humble attire of workers, denim has evolved into an iconic fashion statement. Originally conceived in Italy as a durable and robust material, denim found its roots in France before evolving into the beloved fashion statement we know today. Initially available only in blue, this timeless fabric gained popularity as workwear in the 1800s, designed to endure the rigors of intensive tasks and harsh labour. Fast forward to the present day,  where denim is now a ‘must-have’ item for every wardrobe.

Redefining Smart and Casual Styles

When it comes to versatile fashion staples, denim is at the top of the list. Unleash the full potential of your wardrobe with So Denim‘s smart-casual collection. From day-to-night looks to versatile ensembles, find out why these pieces are the key to a fashion-forward and flexible wardrobe.

How we would style denim
Denim Jeans

Tailored denim jeans are a true game-changer for business attire, offering a sleek silhouette and a refined appearance that rivals even the most traditional business attire options. Our SD004 Max Slim Jeans are crafted from 10-10.5oz soft cotton stretch denim and are meticulously designed to sit comfortably on the hips. Their slim fit through the leg creates a contemporary and streamlined look that exudes professionalism.

However, these very same jeans effortlessly transition into a relaxed weekend look when paired with a simple crew neck T-shirt and a comfortable pair of trainers. It’s the remarkable versatility of these jeans that makes them the one essential item in your wardrobe, capable of seamlessly adapting to both smart and casual occasions.

Smart Denim:

Smart denim clothing is a more formal and polished version of denim. It’s perfect for dressier occasions where you still want to look stylish but not too casual. Smart denim is usually darker in colour and has a more refined, structured fit.

The perfect jean to smarten up your look would be the SD001 Leo Straight Jean in dark blue wash. The deep, rich hue of dark blue wash straight denim jeans, coupled with their impeccable fit, adds an element of sophistication to any ensemble, making them a smart choice for various occasions.

Casual Denim:

Casual denim clothing is a more relaxed and laid-back version of denim. It’s perfect for weekends, casual outings, or a day of running errands. Casual denim clothing is usually lighter in colour and has a more relaxed fit.

The SD065 Olivia light blue wash denim jacket not only epitomizes casual denim fashion but also adds a touch of versatility to your wardrobe. Our denim jacket effortlessly complements the relaxed vibe of casual denim clothing while offering endless styling possibilities.


Denim Shirts

Formal meets casual comfort with the SD042 Oscar Knitted Shirt and SD047 Anna Knitted Shirt. Crafted from a micro pique knit, this shirt offers stretch and ease of movement akin to a polo while maintaining a sophisticated appearance.

Featuring a front button placket, a sleek self-fabric collar, and button placket cuffs, these shirts offer a multitude of options to elevate your style for any occasion. So, whether you’re dressing up or keeping it casual, the Oscar Knitted Shirt and Anna Knitted Shirt are your versatile companions for a chic and comfortable look.

Enhancing our collection of denim shirts, we offer the SD045 Lucy Denim shirt in finishes of black, dark blue, and light blue. With a pocket-free design and a back yoke positioned higher up, there’s ample space for embellishments, making this shirt an ideal canvas for personalization.

The Lucy Denim shirt seamlessly marries a classic ladies fit with contemporary elements, resulting in a garment that embodies timelessness. Whether you’re aiming for a smart or casual look, this shirt is your versatile companion. Also available in the men’s style SD040.

So Denim redefines fashion with our smart-casual product range. From iconic jeans to versatile knitted shirts and classic denim shirts, our collection caters to all styles. With a nod to Denim’s history and a commitment to quality and comfort, So Denim stands out as a favourite among trendsetters. Elevate your style and be part of the denim revolution with So Denim today!

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