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The Anatomy of the Perfect Tee

With Just Ts, we take immense pride in producing high-quality tees that are designed to provide an ultimate print surface for your expression and creativity. We understand the importance of a premium print surface that allows your creative designs to shine. Our tees are not just everyday garments; they are versatile and adaptable pieces that are the perfect fit for any wardrobe. 

With our commitment to using the best quality fibres and offering a wide choice of fabrications and styles, there is a Just Ts tee for every occasion and every garment decorator.

Let’s delve into the key points that make up the anatomy of the perfect tee from Just Ts…

1 – Taped neck and shoulders for added durability:

We prioritise durability in our tees, which is why all our products feature taped neck and shoulders. This additional reinforcement ensures that the tees can withstand the rigors of everyday wear and tear, making them a reliable choice for promotional purposes.

2 – Ribbed crew neck with elastane to retain shape:

The ribbed crew neck design of our t-shirts not only adds a touch of style but also incorporates elastane for shape retention. This means that even after multiple washes and prolonged use, the neck of our tees will maintain its form, providing a professional and well-presented appearance.

3 – 100% Combed and Ringspun cotton for a premium print surface:

To deliver the ultimate print surface, we use 100% combed and ringspun cotton in our tees. This premium fabric not only feels soft against the skin but also ensures a smooth and consistent surface for your designs. The result is vibrant, detailed prints that capture attention and leave a lasting impression.

4 – Added side seams to retain shape and give a better fit:

We understand the importance of a well-fitted tee, and to achieve this, we have incorporated added side seams. These seams not only contribute to the overall shape retention of the garment but also offer a better fit, enhancing the wearer’s comfort and confidence.

5 – Soft hand feel:

Comfort is paramount, and our tees are designed with a soft hand feel in mind. The luxurious texture of the fabric ensures that the wearer feels at ease throughout the day, making our tees perfect for both casual and promotional wear.

6 – Lightweight and breathable fabric:

All-day comfort is key. Our t-shirts are crafted from lightweight and breathable fabric, allowing for optimal airflow and temperature regulation. Whether worn during an outdoor event or a busy workday, our tees ensure maximum comfort without compromising style.

7 – Quality stitching with twin needle finish at the hem and sleeves:

Attention to detail is vital in creating high-quality garments, which is why we prioritise quality stitching. Each t-shirt is meticulously crafted with a twin needle finish at the hem and sleeves, ensuring durability and a polished appearance that lasts.

When it comes to the perfect t-shirt, Just Ts by AWDis sets the standard. Our tees combine superior quality, versatility, and style to create a canvas that brings your designs to life. 

From the durability of taped neck and shoulders to the premium print surface of 100% combed and ringspun cotton, every element of our tees is carefully crafted to exceed expectations. 

Whether you’re a garment decorator or an individual looking for a reliable promotional garment, Just Ts offers a solution for any occasion.

Just Ts by AWDis

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